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When one goes on an interview, the first impression you make on the hiring authority is usually going to leave a lasting impression; likewise with the presentation of a resume. If the graphic formatting and content leave something to be desired, the resume will not receive the serious attention you think it deserves.

For Intellectual Property professionals some of the standard rules of resume construction do not always apply; for instance, the statements at the top of a resume entitled Career Objectives or Experience Summary. For those in a field where dozens of resumes are being reviewed daily these titles may be useful. The person going over dozens of resumes at once is not going to spend more than 30 seconds on each one. The brief statement on top of a resume, even one filled with boilerplate adjectives, provides a quick and easy way for the reader to determine their level of interest. A patent attorney’s resume is not going to be reviewed with dozens of others all at once. Because of the specialized field of intellectual property, comparatively few resumes are going to be reviewed for any one particular position. When they are reviewed they are done so with care and attention. With that in mind, here are a few helpful suggestions to keep in mind:

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